Native Instruments adds some great new features to Traktor in the latest update!

With a recent investment 59 million dollars into their company, Native Instruments have the resources to make some incredible moves in the DJ and Producing communities. Their wide array stware and hardware controllers are popular all over the world and if the German based company had it their way, that would only be the beginning.  

Their most popular stware, Traktor Pro 2, is the trusted DJ stware for many performers out there. Countless DJ’s and performers count on Traktor to run through their gigs. So many people count on Traktor that when there’s an update, users will flock to see if the updates have anything that can help improve their live experience with the stware.  Speaking updates, Native Instruments released the latest update to Traktor today, Traktor Pro 2.11.1 .  

Amongst the handful features included in the latest update, the biggest may be the ability to color code tracks and playlists. DJs, we’ve all been there before. We’re in the middle our set, we’re getting ready to cue the next song and out the blue, you can’t find that next track to cue.   

While most us take pride in our file organization in Traktor, the feature to color code tracks to your taste can be a game changer. You could assign a specific color to a key signature or an entire genre could have the same color.   In addition, you also have the option to color code playlists.  So if you wanted to color code an entire genre, you can store them in the playlist that matches color.  

Other updates in Traktor Pro 2.11.1 include a re-sized Browser tree, ability to recognize captured samples in the remix sets and drivers for discontinued products erased from Traktor’s installer. 

For more info on Traktor Pro 2.11.1, you can visit Native Instrument’s website. Traktor users can download version 2.11.1 on the Native Access/Service center Apps or on the downloads section Native Instrument’s site.

DJ’s, what do you think? Did Native Instruments do enough in their update to 2.11.1?

H/T: DJ Tech Tools 

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