A few albums and platinum releases later, Krazy is back on the scene with the release of his latest single titled "Smoke." An ambitious track with genius wordplay, and some signature Krazy vocals. "Smoke" is the representation of beef settling in the streets, in other words the act of putting out the fire between people causing "Smoke".   
The young MC had always dreamed of coming this far. Growing up in the projects, Krazy had to rely on his talent to find a way out. His big break came when he was just a teenager and the CEO of Hardhead Records, Rodrick Smith, showed up at his door one night offering him a record deal. Of course this was no surprise; Krazy was always known for his rapping skills, ever since he was a young kid. This was the beginning of his journey to success, and the rapper hasn’t looked back ever since.
In case you’re interested in being a part of Krazy’s journey to success, make sure to follow him on Instagram.

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