Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates has come through in the clutch. The hip-hop artist has blessed fans with a new EP release following days of music teasers.

Early Wednesday, KG surprised supporters with his Chained To The City release.

#chainedtothecity available now #imHim

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A few days ago, Gates unloaded a grip of new music teasers.

I done change lanes #imhim

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Pretend #imhim

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I swear this my last I think #imhim

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I ain’t lost my touch – in every aspect – #imhim s/o @yunglan

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In here feelin like my dawg @only_in_rachieworld – #imHim

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Last week, Kevin talked about having to stay grounded in Illinois months after getting released from jail.

“I was watching a ‘Breakfast Club’ interview and I wanted to say I thank the brother Meek Mill for being compassionate towards my situation and talking about it and having a heart for my situation but I’m not upset about my situation as far as Chicago, Illinois, these people love me here. I don’t carry firearms. I’m never in fear of anything but Allah. Someone I was with was caught with a firearm and it was pinned on me. Now I’m not about to speak [and snitch] and tell people it was yours, I don’t do that. I’m a stand-up guy and I believe great people undergo great tests and I stay silent and I never complain and I ain’t do it ’til the end. I just was upset about the parole.”

@meekmill May peace and blessings be upon you Forever – #imHim

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Recently, Kevin’s wife Dreka came forward to update everyone on his status and revealed he couldn’t legally return to their California home.

“Hi guys, I am coming to you on behalf of Kevin and just apologizing to everyone because Kevin is unable to make it to the shows this weekend and next weekend. The Illinois Department of Corrections has prevented Kevin from leaving the state of Illinois. He isn’t even allowed to come home to California where we live and since he was released in January, he has not been able to come home not one time. So just know guys that we’re doing everything in our power that we can to just get through this and work this out so he can get back to doing what he loves to do and just know that we really, really appreciate each and every one of you all. You guys just have no idea how much we appreciate your love and support and just know that we’re going to make it up to you guys and he’s been in the studio going really, really hard right now. So you guys will hear from him like really soon. We love you.”

#chainedtothecity #imHim

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