One of the most recognizable celebrities in the Ukraine and Russia - singer, DJ, producer and multi-talented trendsetter Ivan Dorn has teamed up with Billboard and SPIN to premiere his new music visual for “Afrika”, which was released on April 5th. It is based on the notion that music and creative art can inspire young minds of any given community. Ivan, who recently released his Adidas-sponsored music video is inspired to start a unique project after witnessing the talented youth in Masaka. Upon realizing that local children had no school or organization to help foster their creative talents, he decided to launch the ‘Afrika Project’ - an initiative to help children develop their creativity. Ivan is working on partnerships with CNN, Good Morning America, Billboard, Adidas, Samsung, JBL, and New York City music schools to make his vision a reality. Ivan, who also performed his art at Festivaal Kreuzberg in Berlin on April 18th, does not shy away from ambitious goals, and is boldly stepping towards the completion of accomplishment of his established project.
Enjoy Ivan’s exceptional music and watch music video for “Afrika” below.


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