If you’ve been too caught up in your adult life to pay attention, Toys R Us isn’t doing too well right now.

According to USA Today, the chain stores where kids dreams are made could be closing for good. The company’s grim future comes after months struggling and even filing for bankruptcy. A mixture poor business decisions and tough competition, such as Walmart and Amazon, has led to Toys R Us’ tragic demise.


If you were born in the 90s or decades before, you know a Toys R Us closing will be a time for mourning.

I mean, where else will kids get the phantasmal experience in-person toy shopping?


They’ll never know the experience bypassing a KB Toys because they know they can find something better at Toys R Us.


Iconic scenes from Toy Story 2 will go right over kids’ heads because they’ll never know the euphoria aisles and aisles toys.


Not to mention, how will kids know if an extravagant Hot Wheels track is truly possible if they don’t see it and breath it for themselves.


This begs the question, is a huge protest in order?


Should we take to the streets and uplift our favorite Toys R Us memories?


Or will Toys R Us have to be lost to history like other joys the past?


Nothing is for certain yet. Toys R Us is supposed to announce whether they’re going out business or not sometime this week.

Until then, we’ll always have our memories.


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