DJ culture has a rich and full history, sprawling across genres and around the world. However, if one event is heralded as the keynote  turntablism, it is Kool Herc’s party on Sedgwick Ave in the Bronx, held on August 11, 1973.

To celebrate the 44th anniversary this cultural shift, Google has turned their homepage into an interactive turntable feature. Prefaced with a history the event, Google fers a tutorial basic turntable tips and goes on to provide a crate records full classic hip hop, funk, and soul tracks. Gain achievements for scratching and other mixing techniques while jamming to George Clinton, Prince Paul, Grandmaster Flash, and more. Although DJing has come a long way from the underground parties in the Bronx, the end goal soundtracking a night and getting people to dance has held constant over the years and is still thriving.


Google celebrates DJing in new doodle - Dancing Astronaut

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