Eminem is in a legal battle with a Detroit fashion designer and store owner over the rights to the “313” trademark, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Since 2010, Clement Brown has held the trademark for his Three Thirteen brand (named after the city’s 313 area code). He sells his original designs out of a store in the Motor City, along with other Detroit-themed brands.

While Em’s brand is E13, the E is flipped backwards and stylized in a way that resembles a three.

Em’s line launched in November 2016, selling out of Carhartt’s flagship Detroit store and later releasing a special edition Air Jordan with Nike. Slim Shady’s team reportedly applied for a trademark in June 2017, and Brown’s Three Thirteen Licensing, LLC filed a notice of opposition in response, blocking the trademark from being solidified.

Despite the battle over 313, Brown said he respected Eminem in a statement. But, he defended his stance regarding the trademark dispute.

“I respect Eminem and his position in hip-hop,” he said. “As culture creators, it’s necessary for us to protect our intellectual property. … It’s imperative that we have rights when it comes to our ideas. It’s imperative that we have ownership of our creations.”

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