RealStreetRadio Premiere: Otis Clapp is back with a new visual for “Talk To Myself Part 2.” The Queens-bred MC wrote the song during a time when he was battling depression.

Produced by Ricky Vaughn, the track serves as the follow-up to “Talk To Myself Pt. 1,” and walks listeners through Clapp’s journey with depression, self-doubt and fear of change.

“As a dude that goes through periods of depression and deals with anxiety quite regularly, mental health is a super important topic to me,” he explains to HiphopDX. “It’s a topic I’ve probably been too embarrassed to talk about in the past.

“I saw firsthand what it’s like to keep it all bottled in, it was empty and damaging. This song is a journey through that struggle, but also a transition out of it.”

Clapp joins the increasing number of artists tackling the topic of mental health.

“There’s no doubt that the topic of mental health is more popular now than its ever been and that’s a beautiful thing,” he says. “Awareness is a beautiful thing. When we released the audio for this song, I literally had people hitting me up on Instagram to thank me for being brave enough to do that.

“I wanted to share my story and possibly have the chance to inspire someone to open up about their own struggles because I’ve learned how helpful it’s been. I still struggle with anxiety, it doesn’t go away like a cold, or an injury, but I’m starting to learn that there’s things I can do to ease it.”

“Talk To Myself Part 2” is the second single from Clapp’s forthcoming EP, Quentin.

Watch the video above. 

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