Los Angeles, CA – Veteran MC Soup has built a reputable career as a member of Jurassic 5. Now, the tenured Hip Hop artist has reinvented himself as Fullee Love and emerged with Free, White & 21. The album marks his first project under the new moniker, a name inspired by an O.G. gangster.

“Fullee Love comes from my childhood,” he explains to RealStreetRadio. “I was a super nerd back then — still am — but it was super back in the day and there was this older gangsta and that was his name. I always thought, ‘His mama hooked him up.’

“On the other hands, my mom gave me the weakest name in da hood. So when it was time to branch out, I was like, I’m using that name and I’m thinking, ‘Old boy was grown in the ’70s and banging, I’m sure he’s dead by now… BOOM! Fullee Love in da house!!”

Free, White & 21 was produced entirely by The Internet’s Nick Green and boasts 17 fresh tracks embodying the spirit and soul of the ’60s/’70s. Love’s sophisticated musical tastes come from his father.

“He gave me the platform to spread out musically,” he says. “What I like doing is going back and listening to albums that have been considered classic. Doesn’t matter who, just to listen and see what made it classic — the music, lyrics, song titles, song arrangements, etc.

“Like, what made Simon & Garfunkel hip, how did Keith Sweat survive so long? So, I kinda embrace what interests me and just zone out.”

Free, White & 21 is expected to arrive on Friday (July 27). Love recognizes it’s a huge departure from that boom-bap Hip Hop he came up with, but he’s embracing the challenge.

“At this point, I’m too old to be nervous, ’cause whatever your thoughts were about Jurassic 5, my record won’t change that,” he says. ” This is my road now and ain’t an Uber in sight. So, however I get there is on me.”

Check out the album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

#DXCLUSIVE: Jurassic 5's Soup Reemerges As Fullee Love With "Free, White & 21" LP

1. Free, White & 21 (Intro)
2. Deney Terrio
3. Sittin Pretty
4. Free, White & 21 (Part 2)
5. Nile Rodgers (Git On Down)
6. Whistle
7. USA-iming
8. ShunGot
9. Free, White & 21 (Part 3)
10. Desperado
11. Again
12. Lift Off
13. Native Sky
14. Free, White & 21 (Part 4)
15. Natural
16. Squeamish
17. Dream Big

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