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Alternate Juror Says "Not Enough" Evidence To Convict Nicki Minaj's Brother Of Alleged Rape

Nicki Minaj’s brother, Jelani Maraj, is currently on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting his 11-year-old former stepdaughter, but a 33-year-old alternate juror (who has been relieved his duties) said he doesn’t think the prosecution presented enough evidence to secure a conviction.

According to the New York Daily News, alternate juror John Labau said, “Beyond a reasonable doubt, I don’t think there was enough evidence there to convict him. Do I think maybe something happened? Probably.”

Both the alleged victim and her younger brother testified against Maraj. The alleged victim explained that in some instances, Maraj assaulted her four times in one day. Her brother also claimed that he’d accidentally witnessed one the crimes taking place.

Maraj’s semen that was allegedly found on the victim’s pajamas was presented as DNA evidence, which was described in court as a one-in-291-billion match with Maraj. But defense lawyer David Schwartz accused Maraj’s former wife  planting the DNA during his closing arguments.

Labau believed that the evidence presented was “not enough to convict him by what we’re told to convict on.” He also gave his take on the child’s testimony, saying he wanted to see “more emotion, more crying.” He went on to explain he felt like her testimony was “way too staged.”

Maraj didn’t take the stand in his own defense and his sister Nicki Minaj wasn’t called as a witness despite early speculation that she might take the stand. Labau and the other alternate jurors were released from service after the 12-person jury retired to decide the fate Maraj.

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Petition To "Save Meek Mill" Quickly Gaining Signatures

A petition to “Save Meek Mill” is quickly gaining steam on the popular petition site,

As Thursday morning (November 9), the petition stood at more than 157,000 signatures.

A description for the petition makes note the positive contributions Meek Mill has made to his community and asks Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf to reconsider the two-to-four year sentence that Meek was hit with this week after a judge decided he’d violated his probation.

“More than just a celebrity or rapper, Meek Mill has been a powerful voice in the community for our youth,” the petition reads. “He has made positive contributions to many communities and programs, dedicating time and money to the cultivation our youth and neighborhoods; even through his own adversities. He has continued to be dedicated and shown an immaculate work ethic, even at times when the system tried to prevent him from being able to tour, which is how he makes a living.”

Many people who signed the petition also listed their reason for doing so.

In addition to support from fans, Meek has received an outpouring support from celebrities, including Rick Ross, Kevin Hart and JAY-Z.

Meek’s lawyer has said he plans to appeal the judge’s decision.

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Whatever Happened to These Ab-Soul Pop Records for Radio?

Before Ab-Soul released his 2009 debut mixtape Longterm, when he was recording nothing but mixtape verses alongside Jay Rock and K.Dot (Kendrick Lamar), he had designs on taking pop records—yes, pop records—to radio.


In a May 2008 interview with some outlet called EdMagikTV, the Carson, California native shared his plans after being asked to introduce viewers to his brand music.

"I do a lot different types music," Ab said. "I do underground, I got some pop records going, headed for the radio very soon. So look out for that." 

Is there such a thing as an underground artist who makes pop records? Or an underground pop artist? Sorry, just thinking out loud.

Nearly a decade has passed since Ab revealed his musical strategy—during which time he has released two mixtapes and four albums worth lyric-heavy material, producing a grand total zero charting singles at Billboard—but his desire to toe that line has actually never wavered.

In 2013, Soulo released "You're Gone," a club-ready joint single with R&B singer JMSN, who he met the year prior while Kendrick was crafting his acclaimed debut good kid, m.A.A.d city. JMSN provided background vocals on "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe," "Sing About Me, I'm Dying Thirst," "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" and "Real."

"You're Gone" was initially marketed as the first single f an untitled collaboration project between Ab-Soul and JMSN—a project that JMSN has confirmed to DJBooth was completed—but according to both artists, "business stuff" got in the way. 

Though "You're Gone" might very well be the last we'll ever hear Poppy Soulo—which is unfortunate because his talent has always deserved a much bigger audience—the TDE MC has promised that volumes three and four in his Longterm series will be released "soon."

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Remy Ma – Wake Me Up ft. Lil’ Kim | Hip Hop Songs

More from Remy Ma

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Flying Lotus announces forthcoming album, shares single, 'Post Requisite' – Dancing Astronaut

The Brainfeeder boss is no stranger to shocking headlines…what with having just released his first self-directed horror film, , and those  he made in support . But  has been noticeably absent from music-making. The consul the LA beat scene has broken his musical silence to announce new music is on its way.

FlyLo (aka Steven Ellison) has now released a trippy, retro-inspired music video for his new track, “Post Requisite,” along with a caption reading, “Flying Lotus is currently finishing his next studio album on Warp.” Fans haven’t seen new music from the Brainfeeder boss since his 2014  LP.



Flying Lotus announces forthcoming album, shares single, 'Post Requisite' - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Dillon Francis teaches Twitter users how to DJ in new video

Few Q&A sessions have the promise being as spontaneous as a Q&A session.

Francis visited WIRED Magazine’s studio to spend some time answering Twitter users’ questions regarding DJing. Francis fers insight on topics like using with CDJs, and general DJ hardware, even fering a beat-matching example on the fly. In true Francis fashion, Francis also elaborates on a series unrelated subjects, ranging from how DJs feel when no one is dancing to their music to his alias, .


Dillon Francis teaches Twitter users how to DJ in new video[hupso]
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T-Pain Blames RCA for Picking Shitty Singles: “That Shit Really Hurt Me”

On Thursday (November 9), T-Pain was a guest on Everyday Struggle, joining Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks and Nadeska to discuss his place in the Auto-Tune pantheon, the art manufacturing hit singles and his forthcoming album, Oblivion, which is scheduled for release on November 17.

During the hour-long interview, the 32-year-old veteran pulled back the curtain on his experience with RCA Records—the label he's been signed to through Akon's Konvict imprint since 2005—blaming them for picking the wrong singles and for telling the entire label that he was "crazy" after he expressed frustration over their decisions.

"Every single I picked, every fucking single I picked, went Platinum. Every single I picked! When I stopped picking my singles, and they told me, 'Yo, you was wrong this one time.' I picked a single just to put out, it was for Tallahassee or some shit like that, and they were like, 'It didn't work worldwide, so how about we pick the next one.' The second they started picking singles, downhill," T-Pain said.

To make matters worse, Pain claims that the label not only ran with the wrong records to radio but they also pilfered material from his Nappy Boy artists.

"They took a record that I wrote for one my artists, a group I had named] One Chance. I wrote a record for them, it was a smash for them, they took the record from them, put the shit out, I got negative spins on the radio. I ain't never seen that shit in my life," Pain added. "That shit started really hurting me."

Major labels have a long history ripping material away from lesser known or newly-signed acts on their roster and handing it over to bigger names who they believe have a better chance turning that material into a smash, but as an artist and label owner, it nonetheless had to be extremely frustrating. 

Pain would eventually express his frustration directly with the RCA executives who he felt were doing his career harm and, in the end, that put him in an even bigger hole. "I started flipping out every day, they started telling the whole building I was crazy," Pain said. "I made my new album in 2011, invited the whole label to my house to listen the album, everybody talking over my shit."

Artists throwing their labels under the bus isn't exactly breaking news, but Pain's decision to open up about his tenure with RCA Records while he's still signed to them (and a week before his album drop) is certainly a refreshing change pace.

For Pain, hopefully, he's back in charge what the singles are this time around.

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