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These Black & Gold Air Jordan 1’s Are A Union LA x ComplexCon Exclusive [Photos]

The highly anticipated ComplexCon finally kicks f this weekend (November 4) in Long Beach, California. If the sale the Rocafella Air Force 1’s weren’t enough to lure sneakerheads to the covention, Union LA has collaborated with Brand Jordan to release a limited-limited edition black and gold Air Jordan 1 dubbed “The Top Three.”

As you can see the silhouette is adorned in the traditional patent leather with the colorway dripping in black, gold, and white.

Like we said these soon to be grails are being produced in very limited numbers and Union LA will be selling these at ComplexCon on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Do you feel like these are worth camping out for? Check out some more pics the kicks below, and on the flip, and let us know.

Photo: Jordan Brand, Union, Instagram

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Kipp Stone – Vacation | Hip Hop Songs

More from Kipp Stone

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RSXGLD Delivers Official Self-Titled Debut

While a student at University Michigan, Ro Spit was DJing for Binary Star somewhere in Ann Arbor when he was told about a local crew called Athletic Mic League. After performing at the same show, Ro moved in with the Hip Hop collective, which naturally led to a collaboration.

“We started working together one summer when I was living in a house on University Michigan’s campus with them Athletic Mic League],” Ro tells HipHopDX. “It was crazy, just some super broke college vibes. That’s around the time when I first started rapping, and as a young MC, getting props from some cats that I respected and looked up to was everything to me.”

Fast-forward to 2017, and Ro and one Athletic Mic League’s members — 14KT — are RSXGLD. Following a handful singles/videos, they’ve dropped their self-titled debut album under their RSXGLD moniker.

Boasting 12 tracks, RSXGLD features guest spots from notable artists like Elzhi, Denaun Porter, JMSN and Royce Da 5’9. Nickel Nine, who they refer to as the “triple O.G. homie,” appears on the track “True.”

“Royce always shows love,” Ro explains. “He’s a genius. It’s surreal just to see him at work. I went and played him the album right when we were almost finished, and I noticed him kind mulling bars when I played ‘em the beat for ‘True.’ At that point, I knew he really liked that record.

“All the other songs he vibed to and showed love, but that one he really interacted with,” he continued. “I asked him if he could fuck with it and he said, ‘Yeah.’ What made it even doper is that he and KT have never worked together before, so I was glad to help facilitate that collaboration.”

Ro and KT’s natural chemistry shines through on every track. It’s clear they’re in it more for the love music than the accolades that ten come along with a rap career.

“I just want to reach the people who are interested in hearing and supporting the music,” he says. “I’m not focused on force feeding my art to anybody. I’m focused on the people that naturally rocks with either our movements, whether it be as solo artists or as a collective. I’m trying to give those people, whether it be one, or one million, the best product I can possibly give them.”

Check out the album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

RSXGLD Delivers Official Self-Titled Debut
  1. 42175
  2. Err’body Know That
  3. ICU
  4. Chainsaw
  5. I Believe f. JMSN
  6. Converse f. Jerreau
  7. Over Your Shoulder (Angel & Devil) f. Elzhi
  8. Brilliant Cut (up)
  9. What’s Happenin’ Brutha f. Ronnie McNeir
  10. Give It All f. Denaun Porter
  11. True f. Royce Da 5’9, JMSN and DJ Assault
  12. Thought Bubble
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Skeme Drops "Second Notice" EP

Hip Hop heads better take notice Skeme.

The Inglewood rapper looks to close out 2017 on a high note with a brand new EP titled Second Notice. The three-track project is a follow-up to his 1st Notice EP, which dropped in August.

Check out the stream, cover art and tracklist for Skeme’s Second Notice below.

Skeme Drops "Second Notice" EP

1. Won’t Judge You
2. Solid
3. High Notes

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Problem Releases "Selfish" Album

Problem is back on the solo tip after teaming up with the legendary DJ Quik for their Rosecrans album. The proud Compton rapper has released a new LP titled Selfish, which he says is the culmination all his years in the music business.

SELFISH is the project I’ve been waiting to drop my whole career,” he wrote on Instagram. “I’ve re-united with some old friends, did a record with an artist that the westcoast has been dying for me to work with, and it will feature the most personal record Ive ever recorded. This project will represent more than myself, more than Diamond Lane. From the artwork to the visuals, the team is full force with this one.”

Problem’s latest work features just nine tracks with guest appearances by Nipsey Hussle, Bad Lucc, Terrace Martin, Ne-Yo, Airplane James, IAMSU! and Rose Gold. Production is handled by the likes 9th Wonder, DJ Quik and Mike & Keys.

Check out the stream, cover art and tracklist for Problem’s Selfish below.

Problem Releases "Selfish" Album

1. Mission Statement
2. 354″
3. Top Off f. Airplane James
4. Ghost Rosecrans (Remix)
5. Living Good (R.I.P. Jen) f. Nipsey Hussle and IAMSU!
6. Man Enough f. Rose Gold
7. Get on It f. Bad Lucc
8. Ain’t Like You f. Ne-Yo and Terrace Martin
9. Selfish

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Stalley Announces Post-MMG Album & Drops "My Line" Single With Migos

Atlanta, GA – Stalley and M-m-m-aybach Music Group had a nice run but now it’s time for the Blue Collar Gang boss to fully assume the status he constantly raps about.

For his first trick as an indie powerhouse, the Ohio rhyme player shows f how strong his network has grown since moving out to Atlanta with the release “My Line,” which features a few guys you may have heard by the name Migos.

The forceful record premiered on Apple’s Beats 1 Radio with Ebro and crafted by Supah Mario, gives a stern warning to anyone — male or female — who has nothing productive to say when picking up the phone.

Stalley f. Migos – “My Line”

As impressive as the “My Line” record stands, it’s part a bigger package in Tell The Truth: Shame the Devil – Vol. 1., which will be Stalley’s first ficial release outside the MMG umbrella since signing to the label at the beginning  the decade.

The cover art the project, illustrated by Kamau, is the first in a three-part series EPs and the message behind the spiritual imagery tells a story before the listener even pushes play.

“There’s the main character the story represented by the skeleton because he’s a shell his former self,” Stalley told HipHopDX during a recent trip to Los Angeles. “On his right side, there’s an angel figure. And on the left side, there’s a devil figure. They also represent lust — which is why you see the titties. That’s a hole in his chest where his heart used to be and the devil has his heart on her plate. The angel on the other side is supposed to represent his conscience or his guardian angel telling him he shouldn’t indulge in the vices in front him.

Stalley Announces Post-MMG Album & Drops "My Line" Single With Migos

“As you can see, he looks like he can’t decide if he wants to take the money or get his heart.”

As for the music, fans can expect Vol. 1 to resemble much the sentiment heard on “My Line.”

“The music represents that too,” Stalley continued. “This album is real aggressive, real dark; pill-popping, shooting niggas and all that, so I know my fans are gonna be like, ‘what the fuck you on?’ but they have to wait and see how the story unfolds.”

Pre-orders for Tell The Truth: Shame the Devil – Vol. 1. went live ahead the project’s November 17 drop date.

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DJ Premier Confirms "PRhyme 2" With Royce Da 5'9 Is Done

DJ Premier has just announced a partnership with the iconic Payday Records imprint, which helped launch the careers Hip Hop greats like Showbiz & A.G., JAY-Z, and WC and the Maad Circle.

Helmed by Patrick Moxey, Gang Starr’s former manager, the label’s first track is a collaborative single between Preemo and A$AP Ferg, something the legendary turntablist mentioned on social media Wednesday (November 1).

But as Preemo was discussing the Payday Records endeavor with DX, he also casually mentioned PRhyme 2 with Royce Da 5’9 was, in fact, completed. The highly anticipated album serves as the sequel to the duo’s 2014 debut, PRhyme. 

“I’m just helping him Moxey] get it launched by doing a grip singles and then he’ll take it from there since he managed me through our entire Gang Starr career,” Preemo told HipHopDX. “We had a great journey together, so I’m happy to rock with him. I’m still doing my Year Round and TTT To The Top] labels. NYGz is next on Year Round. Well, PRhyme 2 is actually next, but me and Royce Da 5’9] share PRhyme Records.”

He added, “We just finished it this morning.”

Although there’s no specific release date as yet, Preemo hopes it will be released at the top 2018.

Preemo also discussed the new MC Eiht video for “Got That,” which comes from their collaborative album, Which Way Iz West. With Preemo in the role executive producer and Eiht in charge enlisting a killer roster to assist on vocals, the 15-track album plays like a ’90s gangsta rap masterpiece.

Following “Heart Cold” featuring Lady Rage, the latest visual took some clever planning to execute.

“Eiht was in New York to do the Rock Steady Anniversary, so when I saw the rough cut ‘Heart Cold’ with Lady Of Rage, I found a freezer in the same building where my new studio is located,” Premier tells HipHopDX. “My friend DJ Poe had only a couple hours to bring his camera to shoot it because director] Jae Synth lives in Sacramento. They let us use the freezer to shoot my parts and Eiht brought the same jacket so that it would match the Los Angeles footage.

“After we were done, Poe had less than an hour to go to work,” he continues. “So, he asked if there’s anything else to shoot before he leaves, so I threw on ‘Got That’ since we could capture me rapping the hook. He gave me what footage he had and I gave it to Jae for editing. The rest is history.”

Eiht adds, “Being able to combine that street element with working with Preemo in an actual studio was the idea. We wanted to show we have the ability to remain raw with the streets and realness Hip Hop.”

Check out the video above as we await PRhyme 2. 

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Goldrush Festival partners with Surreal to bring fan-artist experiences to life – Dancing Astronaut

Following a successful first phase lineup release for its inaugural edition, Goldrush Festival captured the attention many  with its eclectic lineup encompassing a wide array genres across the dance music spectrum. The never-before-seen Arizona festival has since partnered with Surreal, an organization dedicated to working with festivals to create unique fan-artist experiences, that benefits the charity their choice.

Fans have the opportunity to enter into five special experiences: a Wild West photoshoot with , backstage BBQ with , skydiving with , an on-stage soundcheck with and a meet-and-greet with and . Available for entry from October 26-November 10, donation tiers start at one entry for $5.00, six entries for $20.00 or 25 entries for $50.00 into any individual experience. Winners for each experience will win VIP passes to Goldrush for themselves and a friend, along with their respective artist experience. The net proceeds from the collaboration will go towards Childhelp, a charitable organization that assists abused and neglected children.

Set to take place in Arizona November 18-19, Goldrush brings a riveting, wild west experience to its attendees, complete with themed stages and and premium VIP experiences.

Donate to enter the contest .

Goldrush Festival partners with Surreal to bring fan-artist experiences to life - Dancing Astronaut

General admission, VIP and single day passes are available  

Read more:

Goldrush Festival partners with Surreal to bring fan-artist experiences to life - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Pharrell Williams forays deeper into rave culture with new horror film – Dancing Astronaut

In a crossover that is sure to capture the attention dance music fans, is putting music on pause as he begins work on a new horror movie about “being trapped in a rave on Halloween.”

The new thriller is based f Danielle Vega’s novel, Survive The Night. Williams has already begun work on the forthcoming film, joining forces with the writer Girl’s Trip, Tracy Oliver. The production will follow a group female college students as they attend an “underground warehouse music festival.” The film’s suspense will build as the girls realize that they must elude a “mysterious attacker who hunts them down” at the event.

Williams’ recent experience as a music supervisor on Hidden Figures, an Oscar-nominated film, will translate into the horror film — newly acquired by Warner Bros. Williams will be joined by his partner at I Am Other Entertainment, Mimi Valdes. Leslie Morgenstein and Elysa Dutton Alloy Entertainment will further assist Williams in the film’s development



Feature photo credit: Bryan Bowen



Pharrell Williams forays deeper into rave culture with new horror film - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]