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Ellen O Drops Smoke DZA-Assisted "Every Day" Off "You/Sonata" LP

SPONSORED – Brooklyn-based producer and vocalist Ellen O is bridging the gap between electronic music and Hip Hop by collaborating with Smoke DZA. The classically-trained pianist and composer, who now writes with a vintage MPC and Juno-106, has teamed up with the Harlem MC for a new single titled “Every Day.”

“Ellen effortlessly combines electronic and Hip Hop music,” DZA said. “She has a fresh vibe.”

The track appears on Ellen’s debut album for Babygrande Records, You/Sonata, which is scheduled to drop on November 17.

Listen to the single above and check out tracklist for You/Sonata below. Follow @_ellen_o, @smokedza and @Babygrande on Twitter. Pre-order You/Sonata here.

3. Every Day f. Smoke DZA
4. Dark + Stormy f. Khallee
5. The Marriage Plot
6. Lately
7. Another Planet
8. Nerves
9. The Right Solution f. Shraf

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Fake drug ad hints Eminem's new album is called 'Revival'

Earlier this week, s manager and CEO , Paul Rosenberg, posted a photo on Instagram where he’s holding a CD  the latest Yelawolf album, Trial by Fire, ahead its release October 27. But, thanks to , some sleuthing Eminem fans have taken it upon themselves to investigate the suspicious advertisement in the photo’s background.

The daunting ad features a drug called “Revival,” but oddly enough, no such drug exists. As it turns out,  the advertisement space, on top featuring the same backwards “E” as Eminem’s logo was actually purchased by Eminem’s Interscope Records label, according to a listing on the .

As it appears, the fake drug and enormous ad may all be apart an elaborate ad scheme that portends a new album from Slim Shady. But things are taken even further, as the fake drug even has its own website which supposedly treats “Atrox Rithimus,” a non-existent condition. Additionally, an 800-number and elaborate video are on the site which make subtle, and yet rather revealing references to the rapper.

Upon entering the drug’s website, the text reads, “Seize the moment,” which is likely a tribute to a lyric from Shady’s Eminem Show track “Sing for the Moment.” “REVIVAL could be music to your ears,” it continues.

However, it doesn’t stop there. 

There’s also a commercial promoting the drug where an actor uses phrases like “lose yourself” and “I won’t waste my one shot.” And the bottom the page reads:  REVIVAL is a non-injectable medication given through the ear canal, and is not intended for anal use. REVIVAL does not cause these side effects, but if you have them you should for sure seek medical attention, “I need a doctor.”

Of course, it has not yet been confirmed by the rapper or his team that Revival is, in fact, the title Eminem’s forthcoming studio album, but it’s a safe bet, especially considering Eminem’s executed an incredibly intricate rollout before. For Relapse in 2009, the rapper’s team  called Popsomp Hills. 

Learn more about Revival . 





Fake drug ad hints Eminem's new album is called 'Revival'[hupso]
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Meet the artists of Suwannee Hulaween 2017: Crywolf – Dancing Astronaut

Suwannee Hulaween has become one the most highly-anticipated gatherings over the past five years. Held annually at the picturesque Spirit Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL, the festival has gained a veritable reputation as the South’s premier Halloween weekend festival. This year, , , and  are among the top acts that will draw a sold-out jam and bass crowd into the festival. To take a closer look, we’ve highlighted some our favorite acts on the bill from a broad range genres for a playlist series leading up to the weekend.

The next artist in our series needs little introduction. , real name Justin Taylor Phillips, is an electronic music producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Los Angeles. Since he started producing music in his college dorm room, Phillips’ atmospheric, melodic take on indie-electronic music has garnered support from the likes  , , , , and more. He was recently signed with the Always Never label, where his debut Ghosts EP reached No. 18 on the iTunes Dance Charts on its the first day release. Crywolf joins  to round the festival bill’s unique, forward-thinking house inclusions for 2017.

Crywolf has dreamt up a chilled-out playlist to match his personal approach to melodic electronic musical tastes. With a revealing title, “DYSPHORIA,” the playlist comes to DA with some his personal favorite artists, complete with indie-dance ferings from Rainbow Kitten Surprise and  to tracks with more mainstream dance appeal, like Owen Westlake’s ficial remix  ‘s “Knock You Out” (ft. Emily Haines).

More Hulaween details and ticket info, .

Meet the artists  Suwannee Hulaween 2017: Crywolf - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]
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Kyrie Irving Asserts “There Is No Real Picture Of Earth”

Kyrie Irving is a masterful basketballer. However, we’re going to say he is either a high key troll or just isn’t too bright since he’s still holding on to his the flat Earth theory, sort . recently spoke to the NBA superstar (he was interviewed by UConn women’s basketball head coach Geno Auriemma) and well, just read it for yourself—trolling be damned:

Kyrie also felt a ways that everyone promptly began slandering him for being a contrarian.

We’re going to roll with science and say the Earth is most definitely round, though.

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6 Women Accuse Brett Ratner Of Sexual Harassment

When Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot backed out a Jewish National Fund dinner where she was to present and honor to movie director/producer Brett Ratner many people began to speculate about her motivation for the move.

A week later we now have answers as 6 women have come forward to accuse the Rush Hour-director sexual harassment.

According to the LA Times, Brett Ratner has become the latest Hollywood heavyweight to have his card pulled for alleged atrocious and abusive sexual behavior.

Big name actresses like Oli Munn and Natasha Henstridge have accused Ratner – who dated Serena Williams for a while back in the day – disgusting and disturbing sexual misconduct.

In the story Natasha Henstridge recalled a time when she was just 19-years-old and Ratner trapped the actress in a hallway and forced her to perform oral sex on him saying “He strong-armed me in a real way. He physically forced himself on me,” she said. “At some point, I gave in and he did his thing.”

X-Men: Apocalypse actress Oli Munn herself remembered a 2004 incident on the set After The Sunset in which a naked Ratner “furiously” masturbated in front her with one hand while holding a shrimp cocktail in the other. Much to her horror the Hollywood director ejaculated before she could make a run for it.

Serena Williams actually dated this douche?

And those are just some the more gruesome details the stories these women have come forward with.

For decades there’s been whispers and rumors the rape culture that’s plagued Tinseltown and many have been too afraid to come forward for fear pressional repercussions.

But 2017 has seen brave women finally take a stand and with creeps like Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner and even the current Comrade-In-Chief Donald Trump being put on blast. Hopefully this will lead to a safer and more respectable work environment for women looking to shine on the big stage.

Keep on pulling these creeps cards, ladies. For the culture.


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N.E.R.D – Lemon ft. Rihanna | Hip Hop Songs

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21 Savage – Ghostface Killers ft. Offset, Metro Boomin, Travis Scott | Hip Hop Songs

More from 21 Savage

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Nicki Minaj On Cardi B Beef Rumors: Men "Simply Refuse To Let It Go"

Nicki Minaj is fed up with people attempting to manufacture a beef between her and Cardi B. Black Barbie went on a Twitter rant on Tuesday (October 31) about a conspiracy theory started by Everyday Struggle host Joe Budden, who claimed Minaj didn’t know Cardi was appearing on Migos’ “Motor Sport” single.

“I was on the song w/Quavo,” she tweeted. “No one else was on it. He called & asked if I think we should put Bardi on it, I said ‘ok let’s do it’. The end.”

The Pinkprint rapper shared some more details about the track’s creation, expressed her frustration with the wild speculation and laid out some facts.

“Migos weren’t even on it yet,” she continued. “Just Quavo. The conspiracy theories r just so tired. Relax. Breathe. Imagine me not knowing who on a song w/me. Anything w/my name on it gets approved by me,” she noted. “It can’t even go on a streaming service w/o me hearing it & giving written approval.”

Minaj then blamed men in Hip Hop for trying to stir up a beef with Cardi. She also claimed this doesn’t happen to male rappers.

“These are men in our culture who simply refuse to let it go,” she wrote. “They don’t do this to male M.C.’s. But yo #Motorsport #1 added on urban radio.”

Cardi commented on the situation in her typically frank manner in a recent interview with Complex.

“People wouldn’t be satisfied even if we] was making out,” she said.

Minaj agreed, retweeting a clip Cardi’s interview and reiterating the point.

“Very true,” she tweeted. “We could make out & it wouldn’t be enough. I’m done.”

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“It’s Not Cool”: Danny Brown Reprimands Rappers Who Glamorize Drug Abuse

On November 7, Apple Music will premiere Live at the Majestic, a documentary, shot over two years time by Emmy-winning director Andrew Cohn, about Danny Brown and his first performance in his native Detroit in several years.

To help promote the project, Brown recently spoke with Complex's Shawn Setaro, and during their conversation, the veteran MC reprimanded the growing number rappers who unlike Brown—who has been an open about his depression and past drug habit and the negative consequences it had on his life and his career—like to glamorize drug abuse for the sake entertainment value.

"I've seen the way music affects these people. A lot this shit, I wouldn't have gotten into it if it wasn't for rap music," Brown told Setaro. "So, I just wanna let people know that people do take shit literally and you gotta just be careful with what you talk about, if you’re not honest. I was talking about what I was doing. A lot these people are just saying it for entertainment purposes, but you really do have these kids out here trying these drugs. It’s not cool."

Rappers are not required to be role models—unless you're A$AP Rocky, who believes admitting he isn't a role model means he actually is one—but, at the very least, it's important to institute a moral compass. Besides, if an artist encourages his or her young, highly-impressionable fans to abuse drugs and those drugs eventually lead to addiction and death, isn't that counterintuitive to building a long-term base? 

With Brown's position now public, he joins several well-known artists who, in recent months, have chosen to speak up against the glorification "it" drugs like Xanax and lean.

In interviews and on social media, Gucci Mane and Lil Xan, both whom are former addicts, have denounced their previous drugs choice, while non-users like SZA, Ty Dolla $ign and Kamaiyah have also made their positions known.

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