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Master P Doesn't Think Kevin Hart Needs To Challenge Celebs For Hurricane Harvey Donations

Kevin Hart may have recruited the likes Nicki Minaj, T.I. and The Rock for his Hurricane Harvey Relief Challenge, but one musician in particular isn’t impressed by the comedian’s call to action.

Master P recently spoke with TMZ about the challenge, and shared his belief that no one, regardless their fame and wealth, should be forced into making a monetary donation.

The No Limit founder added that it’s more important to give “from your heart.”

“I’m blessed that Kevin Hart made a donation. But I feel like he don’t have to do that because it’s not necessary,” Master P said. “A lot people gon’ do what they wanna do. It’s they money. We made a substantial] donation. It really don’t matter what it is. As long as you give it from your heart.”

P later pointed out the coincidence that the flooding in Houston, which he referred to as his second home, is taking place on the 12th anniversary Hurricane Katrina.

“It’s crazy how it’s the anniversary Hurricane Katrina,” he said. “And now Hurricane Harvey has definitely devastated Houston, Texas and all the people in the surrounding areas. Cause a lot people right now is suffering. They’re not gonna be able to get back in their homes. We know how it is from New Orleans.”

On Sunday (August 27), Kevin Hart uploaded a video to Instagram asking his celebrity friends to join him in donating $25,000 to The Red Cross.

“I think we’re participating in a lot challenges on the internet,” Hart said. “Some meaningful. Some meaningless, but we’ve all done ’em … At this point, I’m going to start a real challenge. I’m challenging a lot my celebrity friends to follow my lead in donating $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey. To The Red Cross.”

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Ludacris Shuts Down Claims His Music Career Is Over

Inglewood, CA – Despite focusing the latter part his career on acting and other media ventures, ATL rapper Ludacris insists that his music days aren’t over — a suggestion many fans and commentators have lodged online.

“It’s] definitely not dead, not at all,” Ludacris said while speaking with The Shade Room at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (August 27). “I’m just taking my time putting out some more music.”

Despite having released just two full-length albums since the turn the decade (2010’s Battle Of The Sexes and 2015’s Ludaversal), Ludacris maintains that music is still number one for him.

“When you get to the ninth album stage and you’ve sold over 20 million records, sometime it’s a process and you just gotta take your time with the process. It’s expected. Any artist that takes a lot time in-between albums, you always gon’ have people that say that. But music is number one. If it wasn’t for music, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now.”

Luda dropped a video for “Vitamin D” with Ty Dolla $ign in April, which led to some speculation that he was prepping a new album, although so far details are still scarce.

He’s also been keeping busy playing Tej Parker in The Fast And The Furious franchise — the most recent eighth installment which grossed $1.2 billion worldwide.

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Pasquale Rotella to reveal EDC LV changes in a week

The changes set to take effect for the 2018 edition have long loomed on the festival’s horizon, but has finally given his long teased alterations a due date.

The founder has announced that he will reveal the specifications the changes to EDC Las Vegas on Wednesday, September 6th. Remaining notoriously quiet about the content the changes, Rotella will either confirm or put to rest many the suspicions Insomniac fans have entertained since Rotella’s declaration that he would indeed be altering the structure EDC Las Vegas.


Pasquale Rotella to reveal EDC LV changes in a week[hupso]
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Alexander Spit – 20,000 Lovers ft. Theo Martins | Hip Hop Songs

More from Alexander Spit

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Joel Osteen Caught Running Closed Church Jux, Twitter Slander Has Been Biblical

Joel Osteen, the big-toothed leader Houston’s Lakewood Church, has sent out his PR squad to handle the media mess related to his sprawling facility remaining closed to Hurricane Harvey victims displaced by floods. After claims that the church was inaccessible were debunked and Lakewood ficials feigning difficulty, Twitter unleashed Biblical slander on Osteen and his establishment.

First, check out TMZ getting to the bottom the so-called difficulty getting to Lakewood Church:

So as noted, the church opened its doors on Tuesday, most likely due to the pressure from the public that the building, which holds 16,000, claimed flooding and other issues as a reason it couldn’t be more accommodating. Considering that Osteen lives in a massive mansion while his flock and residents in the city are struggling to maintain, it’s easy to see why the reaction has been so intense.

Check out some the unholy slander Joel Osteen and Lakewood Church has endured over the days below and on the following pages.


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WATCH: JAY-Z Drops “Dream. On.” Visual & Poem [VIDEO]

In anticipation this weekend’s Made In America Festival,  Budweiser collaborated with JAY-Z to create a poem that serves as a homage to ambition and chasing your dreams no matter your circumstance. Something Hova surely is familiar with.

Of course, there is an accompanying video that finds the Brooklyn rapper’s words illustrating his past.

“I’m from where dreaming ain’t allowed. Especially, when you’re dreaming aloud,” says the 4:44 rapper, who takes it back to apartment 5C in Marcy Projects, food stamps and pages and pages rhymes.

Watch the “Dream. On” video below.

The 2017 Budweiser Made In America Festival, headlined by Jay-Z and J. Cole, goes down in Philadelphia September 2 and 3.

Photo: screen cap

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Dirty Mack Derek Fisher Pleads No Contest To DUI

Derek Fisher has pled no contest to a DUI that including flipping an SUV he was traveling in with Gloria Govan that was registered to NBA player Matt Barnes during a June 5 crash. We just had to mention who the car belonged to because we’re petty. 

The Dirty Mack copped a plea deal and is skating f with community service.

Reports TMZ:

Yeah, we’re shaking our head in judgement.


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Do You Even Lift, Drizzy: Gym Bros Clown Drake For His Workout Photo On IG

Drake has been seen pumping iron before over the course his career and has bulked up considerably since his early days. After posting a workout photo on his Instagram page, gym bros have been clowning the Canadian superstar by saying the photo looked to be staged.

In the photo, Drake looks to be in the throes a workout complete in an OVO basketball jersey numbered with “6” as a nod to his hometown Toronto. With a pair dumbbells in his hands, Drizzy appeared to be ready to hit some curls but the bros weren’t having it.

“Light dumbbell is for women go lift some heavy weight,” wrote someone named doctor_muscle.

“Buffing up for xxxtentacion,” wrote another user.

“Lmao this is gold. Like ya take a pic me holding up these weights bro , yea that’s tight hahahah,” added one more detractor.

For the most part, however, the 6 God got love for his flick, especially from the ladies. There were also some weird responses regarding his connection to Houston and if he’s intending to aid Hurricane Harvey victims, something he actually announced on the page just a bit ago.

Photo: Instagram

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University Of Tampa Professor Fired For Calling Harvey “Instant Karma” For Texas GOP

Ousted University Tampa pressor Kenneth Storey was fired from his post after a tweet he made referencing Hurricane Harvey, writing that the powerful storm was “Instant Karma” for the Texas GOP. After conservative websites expressed outrage over the sentiment, including a hashtag to fire the sociology pressor, Storey was fired on Tuesday. reports:

Storey’s now-deleted tweet sparked the #FireKenStorey hashtag and comments from former attendees the university along with Republicans in and outside the state fired f criticism online.

Photo: LinkedIn