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Hip Hop Album Sales: Kendrick Lamar's "DAMN." Reclaims #1 Spot On Billboard 200

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. was released on April 14 and debuted at #1 on the Billboard chart, where it remained for the following week. Four months later, the double-platinum album has topped the chart once again for the week ending August 10. With 46,552 total album equivalent units, 11,398 pure albums sold and a streaming count 46,238,389, Kung Fu Kenny was able to nab the coveted spot.

Elsewhere on the chart, Ugly God’s latest project, The Booty Tape, debuted at #27 with 15,727 total album equivalent units, 1,904 pure album sales and a streaming count 20,027,471. Meanwhile, three months out jail, NBA Youngboy hit the chart at #24 with AI YoungBoy. Clocking in at 18,441 total album equivalent units, 4,413 pure album sales and a streaming count  19,906,613, the project precedes the Baton Rouge rapper’s upcoming performance at Lil Wayne’s 3rd annual Lil Weezyana Fest on August 25 in New Orleans.

DAMN. Does It Again

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Kendrick Lamar’s follow-up to 2015’s To Pimp A Butterfly, DAMN., has already been on the charts for 17 weeks, but has jumped back into the #1 spot after holding steady in the Top 5 for several weeks. The seven-time Grammy Award winning artist is currently wrapping up a massive tour in support the album. It went double-platinum in July. The last time DAMN. was in the #1 slot was May 20.

Ugly God & NBA YoungBoy Make Modest Debuts

Embed from Getty sUgly God and NBA YoungBoy had new projects this week, although neither was able to crack the Top 10. Ugly God’s The Booty Tape debuted at #27 with 1,904 pure album sales, while Never Broke Again YoungBoy’s AI YoungBoy entered slightly higher at #24 with 4,413 pure album sales. Despite the modest numbers, it’s still something to celebrate. Ugly God’s “Water” single debuted at #100 on the Hot 100 in 2016 and peaked at #80. On the other hand, NBA YoungBoy has his freedom back after a stint in jail and is able to focus on music again.

Hov Takes Another Dip

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JAY-Z’s critically acclaimed 13th studio album, 4:44, took a 21 percent dive and landed in the #11 spot this week after spending last week at #5. With 26,091 total album equivalent units, 14,832 pure album sales and a streaming count 15,179,783, it wasn’t enough to keep it in the Top 10. The album quickly went platinum thanks to Sprint buying the initial 1 million copies.

Top 10 Billboard Top 200 Rap & R&B Albums For The Week Ending 8/10/2017

Note: The first number below is this week’s “total album equivalent units” count, an intersection album sales, single sales, and streams implemented by Billboard’s new rating system. A pure album sales figure is available in bold in parenthesis and information about each album’s streaming count is available in brackets.

  1. Kendrick Lamar — DAMN. — #1 — 46,552 (11,398) 46,238,389]
  2. DJ Khaled — Grateful — #3 — 31,263 (3,246) 33,300,065]
  3.  Meek Mill — Wins & Losses — #4 — 30,842 (5,276) 35,800,295]
  4. 21 Savage — Issa Album — #6 — 29,075 (2,417) 37,179,094]
  5. SZA — CTRL — #9 — 27,121 (4,041) 32,543,162]
  6. Khalid — American Teen — #10 —26,939 (2,728) 32,632,471]
  7. JAY-Z — 4:44 — #11 — 26,091 (14,832) 15,179,783]
  8. Bruno Mars— 24K Magic — #12 — 24,764 (9,543) 16,058,914]
  9. Drake— More Life — #13 — 24,295 (799) 33,250,181]
  10. Post Malone — Stoney — #14 — 24,121 (1,614) 28,647,599]
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Guess Which Rapper Signed A Promising Deal With Madonna's DanceOn?

Los Angeles, CA – After gracing the building with his presence at DX Turbo earlier in Summertime ‘17, rising Houston star Stoppa came through to bless #DXLive with some exclusive songs and even spoke on getting noticed by the one and only Madonna, DanceOn, the company she co-founded with So You Think You Can Dance creator Nigel Lythgoe.

“I hooked up with her company and they took my single ‘What’s The Word?’ And gave it to some the dopest dancers online from all over the world],” Stoppa told Trent, Jake and Marcel during the weekly show. “There have been people from like Bulgaria sending in videos, people from India, people from South Africa. It’s just been going crazy. Shout out to DanceOn for that.”

Madge and her company have come to be known for their viral ability to pair songs with world class cancers and as it turns out Stoppa was one the lucky ones and now hopes the affiliation will boost his career to even greater heights.

“What her company does. They find some the dopest dancers online Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, they take all the dance videos that these influencers do and they put them on Youtube so they put What’s the word on and I think the first dancer that danced to it was] Tommy The Clown,” Stoppa remembered.

The “Weed Water Wifi” rapper said fans can expect the video to roll out around the end August and they’re even going to try to get the boss lady herself on there. “We’re gonna hit her people and see what we can do if we can get Madonna in the video but I’m pretty sure they’re gonna say no but we’re still gonna hit her up though.”

Tune into #DXLive every Thursday from 3pm-5:30pm PST and be sure to submit your music to the #LitnessTest crew.

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Irv Gotti Says Jenner Sisters Dating Black Rappers Pisses Off "Old Racist Men"

Music exec and The Inc record label founder Irv Gotti fered up an interesting take on the Jenner sisters — Kylie and Kendall —  social media this weekend.

“This what they hate right now,” Gotti wrote. “With a passion. Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner’s daughter. Arguably the HOTTEST CHICK ON THE PLANET!! Dated Tyga!! Now dating Travis Scott. 2 RAP NIGGAS!! I think when Trump says. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. I think he is saying LETS GET OUT WOMEN BACK!! Cause the Hip Hop Culture has fucked up the whole shit.”

He continued, “Fuck it. I’m gonna say it. THE KARDASHIAN CLAN AND THE TWO JENNER DAUGHTERS. Has fucked up the whole world.”

From there, he spoke on their influence on “lil white girls],” who he says are now interested in dating black men because Kylie and Kendall’s romantic ties to rappers.

“They are changing the minds young white girls across america,” Gotti wrote. “Across the world. Kylie being the epitome. She has transformed herself into the hottest chick in the game. And she fucks with Rappers. What you think a lil white girl is thinking that’s 15 years old. That idolizes Kylie. She wants to get a face and body like Kylie. To attract a NIGGA!!”

Further down the post, he labeled the Jenner sisters “dope” and added they’re a part Hip Hop culture, while fering kudos to their mother Kris Jenner.

“This isn’t a message bashing the Kardashians Or Kylie and Kendall,” he added. “They are dope to me. They are apart this thing called the Hip Hop CULTURE. So I love them and there success. Kris Jenner is a fucking Genius to me.”

Check out the full post above.

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Kodak Black Calls Future To Clarify "Comin Out Strong" Line

Kodak Black called up Future during an Instagram Live session this week to grill him on the lyrics to his track “Comin Out Strong.”

Admitting at the start the video that Future is one the few rappers he fucks with, Kodak decides to call Future saying, “I probably shouldn’t even did this on Live.”

Future answers the call almost instantly (which is pretty impressive), and Kodak jumps right into his question — asking him about the line in “Comin Out Strong” that has caused so much confusion: “The only time I feel alive is when I ______.”

There’s simply no way around acknowledging that whatever Future does use to end the line, it sounds sort like “taste dick.” That’s just how it is. It also appears to be exactly what Kodak is getting at as he grins his whole way through the phone call.

Future, however, has a very different (and more serious) explanation: “‘The only time I feel alive is when I take,‘ like a pill,” he says. Kodak doesn’t seem to be any less on the verge laughter, but he mouths the new version to himself and doesn’t push the matter any further.

DJ Akademiks uploaded the exchange to YouTube, check it out below.

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Meek Mill Co-Signs Lean Popsicles, Frosé & Allen Iverson

As part Pitchfork’s Over/Under series, Meek Mill spoke on the people, places, and things he finds overrated or underrated.

Given that Meek hails from Philadelphia, former 76ers player Allen Iverson was thrown into the mix. The musician unsurprisingly labeled Iverson “underrated,” and added that the baller was one his biggest inspirations growing up.

“Allen Iverson was one my biggest role models. One my biggest inspirations. Top five, dead or alive,” Meek Mill said.

Also underrated for Meek is Frosé, lean popsicles (which he used to enjoy “when he] was sipping lean”), and in-flight birthday celebrations. The rapper, who turned 30 in May, explained that celebrating on a plane is only underrated when the party is on a private jet.

“I say underrated if you on a jet,” the Philly rhymer said. “We had a 30th birthday. We had a party on a jet in the air. Took mad shots. Got the stewardess drunk. Got fucked up. Came out to a little band playing Spanish music. And danced all the way to the hotel. ‘Til we went to sleep. Yeah, it was fun. I had a good time.”

Although Meek Mill expressed his approval Frose and Allen Iverson, he revealed that what he isn’t here for is Mountain Dew, skydiving, and elderly drug dealers.

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Watch Logic Drop Inter-Galactic Bars On "Rick And Morty"

Forget gold and platinum, Logic might the first rapper to go inter-galactic (at least since the Beastie Boys…).

Rapper Logic appeared as himself on Sunday (August 13) night’s episode the beloved cartoon-for-grown-ups Rick and Morty, spitting bars specifically written for the show at a universe-wide party.

Anyone who caught the episode, “Vindicators 3: The Return World-Ender,” would likely have burst out laughing at Logic’s lyrical tribute to the hapless Noob Noob (“Can’t forget about the one who never seems to get a chance (Noob Noob!)/ All the bitches come around for (Noob Noob!)/ His dick get more business than YouTube”). Anyone who doesn’t get it needs to go and watch the episode, pronto.

Logic, who very much embraces his persona as a “nerd” rapper, wasn’t the only star in the show last night though, as the Adult Swim flagship also nabbed guest appearances from Gillian Jacobs, Christian Slater and Lance Reddick (AKA Cedric Daniels from The Wire).

If you missed the show, or if you don’t care about Rick and Morty and just want to see Logic rap about aliens for about 30 seconds, then check out the clip below.

Fans the show seemed to really enjoy the cameo.

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Roland unveils two new Serato hybrid DJ controllers

‘s teamed up with New Zealand’s stware company again for two new hybrid DJ controllers. Following Roland’s release the boutique TR-808 retailing for $1,300 — which featured jog wheels, four channels, a sequencer, sample pads and Roland’s drum pad sounds — is two more meticulously crafted mechanisms, the DJ-505 and DJ-202 both out later this year.

Joining the AIRA DJ line, both machines will contain a drum machine for making beats on the go. Essentially the 505 and 202 mechanisms are smaller significantly cheaper versions an 808.

The 505 will feature two channels and allow users to plug in turntables or CDJs. It’s two line input will allow the mixer to be used in standalone mode or to be hooked up to the included Serato DJ. The machine’s also Serato DVS upgrade ready to implement it into any time code setups. Meanwhile, the 202 drops the dedicated 16-step sequencer the 808 and 505 and replaces the XLR outs with phono, although it still has an onboard sequencer able to control an included Serato DJ Intro sampler.

Each the hybrid controllers will also come equipped 808 and 909 drum sounds, with 606 and 707 samples through a soon-to-be-released firmware update down the road.

The two will retail for around $770 and $330 respectively. While there’s no release date for the controllers yet, Roland has shared a video the 505 in action. Watch below.


Roland unveils two new Serato hybrid DJ controllers[hupso]
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Police in UK warn of tainted blue Tesla 'ecstasy'

Police in Northumbria — who specifically police the areas Northumberland, Tyne and Wear in northeast England — have issued a warning on blue Tesla pills being sold as ecstasy that they believe to be tainted.

The pills called into question are believed to contain a combination meth and cocaine. As a result, police are asking anyone who comes into contact with the pills to alert the authorities immediately. Just three months ago, these same pills were called into question on  about Teslas bought in Manchester being larger than normal. Several users replied the pills were uncharacteristic in details and another user responded they contained meth.


Police in UK warn  tainted blue Tesla 'ecstasy'[hupso]
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Porter Robinson's seminal 'Worlds' is now three years old – Dancing Astronaut

Three years ago this month, unleashed an iconic collection songs that for many defined an era electronic music.

Robinson released on Aug. 12, 2014. The 12-track compilation, highlighted by standout tracks like “” and “,” topped the charts that year and was enthusiastically received by Robinson’s fan base and the dance music scene alike.

Worlds, Robinson’s debut studio-length album, marked a shift — somewhat unexpectedly — in his music from heavy electro to a more alternative form electronic music. Tracks like “” brilliantly showed the influence Japanese culture had on Robinson’s work, while “” with Urban Cone delivered more a synthpop feel to the album. Fans previous emotion-packed hits like “” weren’t totally lost in this new feel from Robinson, however. Worlds elegantly emulated the beauty Robinson’s music and perfectly showcased his incomparable emotive style.

What’s perhaps more interesting is the fact that Worlds represented a massive left turn for the producer at the time. Up until its release, he was something an electro house wunderkind. To so aggressively abandon that sound for something else, something pioneering would in and itself be an accomplishment artistic growth. To pull it f so astoundingly, however, raises Worlds and Robinson himself into another stratosphere was a musician.

Since Worlds, Robinson has kept busy. The release “” with French producer , its , and the accompanying tour had Robinson flying all over the globe performing a glorious blend his and Madeon’s music, much to the delight fans who have been vying for the two to work together for years.

From “” in 2010 to the wild Shelter tour, Robinson has proven time and time again that his music mastery knows no limits. At only 25 years old, the producer is sure to thrill us for many years to come.

Revisit the quintessential album below.

Read more:

Porter Robinson's seminal 'Worlds' is now three years old - Dancing Astronaut[hupso]