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STARZ Vows Legal Action Over Leaked "Power" Episodes

In the age the internet, leaks television shows have become increasingly commonplace, and the latest series to fall victim to a hacker is STARZ drama Power.

This week, the final three episodes Power’s current fourth season leaked online in a less-than-sophisticated way.

The episodes appeared on Facebook, shared by someone who claimed to have gotten a password to the press screening website where members the media get early access, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The man filmed himself watching the episodes on a cracked iPhone, all the while providing occasional commentary and at one point filming his own face, according to Torrent Freak.

Given the severity the leak the final Power episodes, STARZ has launched an investigation into the matter. They also revealed their plans to take legal action against those responsible.

“The final three episodes Power’s fourth season were leaked online due to a breach the press screening room,” a STARZ spokesperson said. “This seems to be a case password sharing that resulted in homemade videos the episodes which were taped f a TV screen and posted online. STARZ has begun forensic investigations and will take legal action against the responsible parties.”

As the network begins its investigation for the Power perps, they have since taken down their press portal.

Executive produced by rapper 50 Cent, Power premiered in 2014, and has already received the green light for a fifth season. Earlier this year, it was reported that Power is second only to HBO behemoth Game Of Thrones in premium cable show ratings.

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Trill Sammy Remixes Tay-K's "The Race" & Details Move To L.A.

Los Angeles, CA – Last week, Trill Sammy released his remix Tay-K 47’s “The Race” and since then it’s gotten more than half a million plays on YouTube and another 200,000 on SoundCloud.

But who’s Trill Sammy, you ask? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

The Greater Los Angeles Area is home to approximately 18 million souls. With the Hollywood sign overlooking the city, people from all over the world come here in pursuit their dreams. In the words Kendrick Lamar: “They come for the women, weed, and weather.”

Insert 19-year-old Trill Sammy, who hails from Houston, Texas. The young trap rapper already has close to 1 million followers on Instagram, all while remaining independent. Sammy is most known for his 2016 remix to Madeintyo’s “Uber Everywhere,” and his close affiliations with Famous Dex and Dice Soho. 

Recently, HipHopDX caught up with Sammy at his new crib in Hollywood. With his furniture in the making and his belongings still back home, Sammy marked the move to L.A. with a large stomach tattoo by Pachuco Tattoo shop owner Herchell, who also recently inked Lil Twist’s face with a “loyalty” tattoo. 

Fresh f the 3.5 hour tattoo session, Sammy reported being a bit drowsy. Sparking up a Barewoods blunt courtesy Sour Matt, the Houston MC spoke on why he decided make the move at this point his life.

He explains, “Everybody working out here. There’s a lot studios out here. I love the weed out here. It’s just a better environment for me to build. There’ll be a chance for me to just focus on myself more.”

When asked how the parties and drugs compared to H-town’s, it seemed like a no-brainer.

“Everybody out here on the white,” Sammy answers with a smile. “We just be smoking in Houston. Parties are more kickbacks and shit. Parties out here, you’re definitely going to catch someone famous. I’ve been to a couple them. You’re going to catch somebody major at the parties out here. Especially in the hills and shit.”

Of course, being a rapper from the Magnolia City means you’re bound to cross paths with some the city’s notables. Just last year, Trill Sammy opened for RiFF RAFF on his Peach Panther Tour.

“RiFF RAFF always been cool. I came up listening to RiFF RAFF, Soulja, Chief Keef (at the moment). I fuck with RiFF RAFF hard. He fucks with me, too. He always looking out for me. Anything I need, I can hit him. I call him Uncle RiFF. Shit.”

With exciting news yet to be revealed, Trill Sammy credits his big break to his management.

“My big break? Shit. I got a super, super magnificent management … It’s all about your team, though. As long as your team functioning right, I feel like you’ll be good.”

When asked how he compares to the current wave turn-up rap music, he admitted he didn’t have many touchpoints to compare with.

“The rap wave? Shit. I’m just a trill nigga out Houston, Texas. Just doing my own thing. However I feel. Just having fun with it. I don’t really listen to a lot other niggas. I describe my sound more Southern, turn up, like you said.”

Sammy also lists Young Thug and Post Malone as artists he hopes to collab with in the near future. “As far as the young wave, I fuck with Dex hard. Ugly God. Whoever fuck with me I fuck with them.”

It’s safe to say this move to L.A. was also fueled by the works his upcoming project, which will feature the likes “Magnolia” rapper Playboi Carti.

“I met him. He’s cool. I fuck with Carti hard. Carti doing his thing. I like his flow he got. It’s fly,” he said.

Get ready to hear more from Trill Sammy in the coming months.

“Tour coming soon. We gon turn up. We gon stay lit. We going everywhere!”

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Katie Got Bandz Arrested For Alleged Identity Theft

Chicago, IL – Katie Got Bandz found herself on the wrong side the law this week.

The Chicago rapper best known for her 2013 single “Pop Out” was arrested on Monday (August 7) for alleged identity theft, according to the the Cook County Sheriff’s Department. Bail was set at $50,000 for the queen drill music, whose real name is Kiara Johnson.

Despite emerging onto the scene with a lot hype, the 24-year-old artist’s buzz has quieted down in recent years. She hasn’t released a project since 2015’s Drillary Clinton 3 mixtape.

Katie is set to return to court on August 21.

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Chance The Rapper Credits Kanye West For Helping Hip Hop Be Itself

Chance The Rapper was a guest on the fourth episode What’s Good with Stretch & Bobbito, the new podcast that has already drawn heavyweight guests such as comedian Dave Chappelle, Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali and best-selling author Eddie Huang.

Throughout the 30-minute podcast, the conversation traversed parenthood, the role mixtapes played in Chance’s career, and, most interestingly, the portrayal and acceptance happiness in Hip Hop. “The construct the bad boy image was very common,” said Stretch illustrating how Chance embodies how much the culture has shifted over the decades. “It was a darker time,” joked Bobbito.

Chance openly attributed the mainstream acceptance his positive image to Kanye West. He explained that West was very open who he was, what he loved, and how he carried himself. Most importantly, he was open about who he wasn’t. He also noted that the current social media landscape makes it increasingly difficult to fake the funk. “If you’re rapping about being on the block, then you need to take selfies on the block,” he joked. “I’m lucky to have been accepted for who I am.”

At one point, the conversation shifted to the concept “black boy joy,” which Chance has helped to usher in. In a nutshell, it’s a movement dedicated to capturing and sharing joyful and proud portrayals black men in society.

“What does it mean to you to be this ambassador black joy and optimism? Especially in these times?” asked Stretch. Without hesitation, Chance expressed the importance, while acknowledging his role as an ambassador comes from his fame.

“I understand there’s a multitude experiences that make up the black experience … I’ve lived many different black experiences,” Chance said. “I’m happy that people can film/document and make history a successful black man that’s a positive person.”

Check out the full episode below.

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The Kidd Creole Formally Indicted In Stabbing Death

New York, NY – Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five’s The Kidd Creole has ficially been indicted for the August 1 stabbing death  a homeless man, according to the New York Daily News.

The pioneering Hip Hop artist didn’t appear in Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday (August 8), but the District Attorney’s fice said a grand jury voted on his case.

Creole reportedly told investigators he felt threatened by the victim, 55-year-old ex-con John Jolly, when the stabbing occurred. The 57-year-old New York native thought the man had made a pass at him, prosecutors say.

Fellow Furious Five member Rahiem told HipHopDX he believed something similar. “I can only assume he maybe asked him for money, and maybe based on how he responded, he and the homeless man exchanged words,” Rahiem told DX. “I don’t know, but that’s what it seemed.”

The indictment is still sealed, but Creole is reportedly due back in court for his next arraignment on August 23.

(The original version this article was published on August 2, 2017 and can be found below.)

The Kidd Creole pioneering ’80s Hip Hop group Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five has been charged in the fatal stabbing a homeless man. The stabbing occurred in Midtown New York sometime on Tuesday (August 1), according to News 4 New York.

Sources say Kidd Creole (real name Nathaniel Glover) confessed to stabbing the man — identified as 55-year-old John Jolly — after he was questioned and subsequently arrested on Wednesday (August 2) at the 13th Precinct in Manhattan.

Legendary New York City promotor Van Silk confirmed to HipHopDX that Kidd Creole is, in fact, “in jail.” The Furious Five is scheduled to perform as a group for the first time since 2013 on August 20 in Philadelphia. Rahiem, one the members the Furious Five, spoke to DX exclusively about the situation.

“It’s definitely a downer,” Rahiem told DX. “It’s an unfortunate circumstance. We don’t really have all the information what happened, but I would just go out on a limb and say this person he had the incident with was a homeless person, so I can only assume he maybe asked him for money, and maybe based on how he responded, he and the homeless man exchanged words. I don’t know, but that’s what it seemed based on what the Daily News reported. I believe he’s incarcerated, so I don’t think we will have an opportunity to speak with him and get his side the story directly.”

Glover reportedly has four prior arrests on his record. According to police, he was arrested for possession a knife. In 1995 and 1982, he was arrested for possessing a gun and a fourth arrest is sealed.

Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five formed in the Bronx in the late 1970s. They’re most known for their influential 1982 rap song, “The Message,” which as been sampled in countless Hip Hop songs, including Ice Cube’s “Check Yo’ Self,” Puff Daddy and Mase’s “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down,” and 2Pac’s “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” featuring Snoop Dogg.

Embed from Getty s

Over the years, various members the group have broken out on their own, most notably Grandmaster Flash, Scorpio and Melle Mel.

“He’s not close with his family, so I don’t believe anyone in his family is in contact with him, but I hit Melle and Scorpio because they’re in Europe,” Rahiem explains. “I’m sure by now they’ve heard. I think that their reaction is probably going to be very similar to mine. But Melle Mel and Scorpio have been doing shows on their own for the last few years now without the group. They’ll probably keep doing that.”

The group broke up in the late ’80s and in 2007, they were inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Fame. Rahiem has come to terms with the fact Flash won’t be joining them anytime soon.

“Grandmaster Flash is content to work without the Furious Five,” he says. “He’s been working exclusively doing DJ gigs for the past 17 years. In my humble opinion, if I were him, I wouldn’t look back either. For the sake Hip Hop, I would, but you know, there’s some things I don’t think Flash could put behind him as the result his interactions with certain members the group — not me laughs]. As a result that, he’s not willing to put himself back in that situation.”

Van Silk, who was instrumental in getting The Furious Five back together for the 2013 reunion and the upcoming East Coast run, is in disbelief. He’d been talking to Public Enemy’s Chuck D about a mini-tour with the whole gang, but he’s convinced this could be it.

“To be honest, depending on Kidd Creole’s situation, this might be the end the Furious 5,” Van says. “With that being said, that Cowboy is no longer here. Personally, I was looking forward to the guys being back on stage together after nine months just talking. Rahiem and Scorpio talked for the first time since 2013. We tried to reunite then, but only did a few shows. I had talk to Chuck D about doing a Public Enemy and Furious Five mini-tour, which we were supposed to start discussing this month. My heart is broken.”

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Spotify is now available on Xbox one

Gaming just leveled up.

has ficially teamed up with to provide gamers an ideal music and gaming integration.

Now available across 34 international markets, Spotify is downloadable on Xbox One. Gamers can now save music, curate their very own playlists, and listen to their full catalog music while playing.

Users will seamlessly be able to use Spotify Connect to change songs, pause or skip wirelessly all without interrupting game play.

Listen to Xbox’s very first playlist featuring , , and more .



Spotify is now available on Xbox one[hupso]
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AI's impact on the human musician

In the future, the performer that you see behind the decks at a mega festival might bear a physical composition more similar to the decks themselves than to human DNA.

While dance music fans will not see artists like replaced by artificial intelligence (AI) any time soon, the role that AI will play in the context the music industry can only be expected to grow as musical AI’s develop at a rapid pace, forging its own niche as a revolutionary new field.

AI startups have gained traction, receiving funding from major industry entities like and . The Los Angeles-based Techstars Music startup, supported by the aforementioned major labels, notably launched two AI startups this year, Amper Music and Popgun. Abbey Road Red is another player in the AI music game, a startup that seeks to form connections between new tech companies and the music industry.

Yet Techstars and Abbey Road Red do not constitute the sole active startups invested in the production AI music — and Sony’s Computer Science Laboratories have similar projects in their arsenals.

The prusion companies and startups with AI music interests have led many to compare the ability AI music-making machines with that living, breathing musicians, leading the question to be posed that “if machines can create music, what does that mean for pressional human musicians?”

Ed Newton-Rex, the CEO Jukedeck, another company active in the AI music field, emphasizes that the music generated by such machines is not intended to compete with that produced by human artists. “It’s a bit a false competition,” Newton-Rex remarks, “…The aim for AI music] is not ‘will this get better than X?’ but ‘will it be useful to people, will it help them.’” But Newton-Rex’s assertion has not completely dispelled the sense rivalry between AI music and human produced music, given the depth artificial intelligence as a whole. Its lightning progression taken into account, artificial intelligence could very well surpass human intelligence at some distant point.

Newton-Rex’s Jukedeck, however, exemplifies the “useful” quality AI music. Jukedeck produces a song dependent on an elected tempo, length, and tone, selling royalty-free licenses on the songs for $0.99 for individual or small businesses, and $21.99 for more prominent companies. Jukedeck is an efficient shortcut to music engineering for those seeking simple music samples, like background music for a YouTube video.

As in the case Jukedeck, AI music is currently a tool for musicians, not a replacement.


AI's impact on the human musician[hupso]
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Cyhi The Prynce Talks Helping To Bring His Vibe To Jay-Z & Kanye West’s ‘Watch The Throne’

The certified platinum album Watch The Throne celebrated its six-year anniversary yesterday (August 8).

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s collaborative effort presented the two Hip Hop superstars as the elite monarchs Hip Hop culture.

In a new interview with, G.O.O.D. Music affiliate Cyhi The Prynce spoke about how his own mixtapes – like 2010’s Royal Flush and 2014’s Black Hystori Project played a role in setting the tone for WTT and other musical work by Kanye.

“When you listen to Watch The Throne, I was the one on that prince/king vibe,” said Cyhi. “I was even in those sessions. I was supposed to be on the album. A lot people don’t know that.”

He continued, “So when you hear Black Hystori Project, you hear ‘New Slaves,’ you hear ‘Blood On The Leaves,’ you hear Yeezus. That’s what I always brought to my peers. They gave me different ways to make my music, and when I come in the room I also bring my vibe.”

The Atlanta spitter is preparing to drop his debut studio album No Dope On Sundays later this year.

No Dope On Sundays will include the single “Movin’ Around” featuring Schoolboy Q, and that track apparently got a co-sign from Hov.

“I also played my album for Jay-Z, and Jay-Z is the one that told me to put out ‘Movin’ Around’ first,” revealed Cyhi.

The 5-time Grammy nominated songwriter (Yeezus, The Life Pablo) also discussed how No Dope On Sundays will complement the themes on Jay’s latest LP 4:44.

“I love 4:44. It was incredible, and my album is kind in that same direction. But like I said, I was the one who waved the flag first, in my opinion,” Cyhi stated.

Read part 1 Cyhi The Prynce’s interview with here.

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Love In The Club: Offset & Cardi B Get Freaky In The Club

(AllHipHop Rumors) I’m sure everyone has gotten a little freaky-deeky in the club with their significant other a time or two….or not. LOL.

Well wild things Cardi B and Offset must’ve been gone f the Hennessy recently because they took to their live streams to record themselves, or record Offset playing in between Cardi B’s legs rather.

Judging by this video and the video Offset bringing Cardi out on stage recently to perform her hit song “Bodak Yellow”, I guess the two are still going strong!

Offset shut down the cheating rumors without having to say too much, I guess.

I’m not going to lie, I still wonder if they are really a couple, or is this an extended publicity stunt that works for both them? What are your thoughts? Check out the video Famelous below.