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Jack Thriller Pour Up feat. N.O.R.E.

1st Single Release for Jack Thriller featuring rapper N.O.R.E., host Drink Champs and formerly rap duo Capone-N-Noreaga, Produced by DGMayne (Jim Jones, Nike, Joe Budden).

Official G-Unit comedian. Celebrated T.V. personality/Interviewer and currently hosting successful web series Party and Bullshit. Creator and host for web series 16 or Better. Executive at blog site. Currently negotiating reality T.V. show Jack All Trades with WE Network. Appeared on MTV reality series WildN’ Out hosted by Nick Cannon. Hit the play button and listen to Jack’s new single. Its really good!


Instagram Followers: @JackThriller

Twitter Followers: @JackThriller

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Vic Mensa Addresses Reuniting With Former Estranged Friend Chance The Rapper At Lollapalooza

A week ago, Charlamagne Tha God suggested to Vic Mensa that he needed to mend his estranged friendship with Chance The Rapper.

“We’ve been talking,” responded Mensa. “I feel like that’s also part my journey – putting this positive energy into the world.”

It did not take long for that positive energy to manifest.

During his set at Lollapalooza in Chicago, Chance brought out his SaveMoney brethren Mensa.

The two “Cocoa Butter Kisses” spitters shared the stage together once again for their hometown crowd.

Mensa hopped on Twitter to address the reunion.

The Autobiography album creator borrowed a line from his Roc Nation boss, Jay-Z, by tweeting, “Nobody wins when the family feuds]. THE VIBES ARE BACK.”

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Tributes Pour In For Yung Mazi After Rapper Shot Dead In Atlanta

Atlanta, GA – Some Hip Hop’s biggest names led the tributes to Yung Mazi after the rapper was shot and killed outside a restaurant in Atlanta on Sunday night.

According to, the shooting happened around 9 p.m. on Sunday (August 6) as the man left the Urban Pie pizza restaurant on Hosea L. Williams Drive, across the road from a police precinct.

While the police have not yet released the victim’s identity, R.I.P. posts dedicated to the Atlanta rapper began to flood social media throughout the night. Yung Mazi was part Kevin Gates’ BWA crew, however, Gates is still behind bars, so hasn’t had the chance to publicly react to his passing. The police have also revealed that the victim was 31 at the time death.

Rappers who Yung Mazi had collaborated with such as Rich Homie Quan and Young Thug took to their social media accounts to mourn their friend.

On Twitter, Travis Scott wrote “Rest easy to my bruddda young mazzzziiiiii my brudddaaa. Damnnnn,” and shared an unreleased track he had recorded with Mazi titled “Dinosaurs.”

Yung Mazi had survived being shot more than 10 times over the course his life. In 2013, he survived being shot in the head in an incident that gave him brain damage and forced him to learn how to speak, read and write all over again, according to his website’s bio.

Mazi tweeted “God made me bulletpro” late last December after he survived another shooting.

As Monday morning, no one has been arrested in connection with the shooting. has reported that the police are seeking a man with dreadlocks who was wearing them pulled back and possibly up in a bun, dressed in a white T-shirt with dark jeans at the time the shooting.

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MilanMakesBeats Talks Playboi Carti Allegedly Stealing His Production (AUDIO)

Playboi Carti’s breakout self-titled mixtape is one the hottest projects 2017.

The tape includes the Top 40 club hit “Magnolia” and the Lil Uzi Vert assisted “wokeuplikethis*.”

Carti is an early contender for rookie the year, but there’s a producer who believes he is not getting enough credit for the Atlanta rapper’s success.

MilanMakesBeats is also accusing Carti not paying for his contribution to several songs.

In an interview with DJ Akademiks, Milan claimed he sent a beat package to a different artist in 2015 and later saw A$AP Mob affiliate Ian Connor posting snippets to Periscope a track that became Carti’s “VLONE Thug.”

“I started hitting them like, ‘That’s my beat,'” said Milan. “I didn’t really care how they got it. I just wanted to get paid.”

The South Carolina native allegedly reached out to Carti and after several months he finally got a response from the rising rhymer.

“He was like, ‘I f-ck with you. I like your beats. Your sh-t goes crazy.’ I was like, ‘Alright, cool so let’s work.’ He was like, ‘Keep sending some more,'” Milan stated.

Milan also claimed he sent snippets to Carti, and many them were eventually released as songs such as “On Go” or jacked for the sample/lyrics like with “Flex.”

He claimed the record “Butterfly Coupe” was his production as well.

Playboi Carti sometimes credited the songs’ producer on artwork as Milan Beats, not MilanMakesBeats.

“I started noticing anytime he did mention my name he would put ‘Milan Beats’ and I’ve corrected him before, so I think he’s doing that on purpose,” expressed the producer.

In addition, Milan said an A&R from Interscope played him a different version the 2017 Playboi Carti mixtape with his production snippets included.

“They were like, ‘We’re gonna send you some paperwork. We’re gonna make sure you get paid. Keep sending beats,'” Milan told Akademiks.

He added, “They didn’t use anything for the album because I did not sign any contracts… They never sent paperwork] to me because I wouldn’t send the track outs first. They kept saying, ‘Send the track outs and then we’ll send the paperwork.’ I was like, ‘Why can’t y’all just send me the paperwork? Then I’ll do the track outs because y’all already recorded over the song, put it out, and promoted it as if it was gonna drop. So give me the paperwork first.”

MilanMakesBeats is looking to get ficial credit and secure performance royalties from Carti for “VLONE Thug.”

“I’ve never got nothing. Not even a penny,” he revealed. “The most I’ve gotten is ‘f-ck you’ and ‘I’m gonna fight you’ and death threats. That’s about it.”

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Martin Shkreli Plays Music From Wu-Tang Clan’s $2 Million ‘Once Upon A Time’ Album (VIDEO)

 Martin Shkreli was recently convicted committing investor fraud, but he is perhaps best known to Hip Hop fans as the guy that bought Wu-Tang Clan’s album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million.

“Pharma Bro” promised he would release the one--a-kind project if Donald Trump won the Presidency.

Trump was victorious, but the public never got to hear the full secret LP.

However, Shkreli did play tracks from the project during a recent interview.

“I donated $2 million to Wu-Tang,” said Shkreli. “I got a mixtape in return. It was a wonderful investment. I view it as a donation. People might see that as splurging. I don’t think there are many people in the world who have patronized Hip Hop to the extent I have.”

He also added, “In essence, when Wu-Tang Clan was trying to sell an album for $2 million, when 50,000 copies would do just the same, it’s an act that is basically looking for a handout. I obliged.”

Listen to some the cuts from Once Upon a Time in the video below starting at the 49:00 mark.

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Dave East Announces Release Date For Debut Studio Album ‘Paranoia: A True Story’

Harlem emcee Dave East has dropped numerous mixtapes during his career.

The Def Jam artist is now set to release his debut studio album.

East uploaded the cover art for Paranoia: A True Story LP on Instagram.

He wrote in the caption:

“I’ve been locked in with No I.D. That’s my sh-t. I grew up on Beans, Kiss, Cam, and sh-t like that. So, that’s my sound,” East told Billboard in May. “I call this the turn-up times. I don’t care about all that. You can’t wake up and want to do that 24 hours. So, I wanna be that dude that’s creating music for those real life situations.”

The Nas protégé let loose the Hate Me Now tape in 2015 and then returned in 2016 with Kairi Chanel.

East is currently pushing his single “Perfect” featuring Chris Brown.

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50 Cent To Gabrielle Union: You Keep It Up I’m A Tell Dwyane Wade

Back in 2015, rapper/TV producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson launched a social media assault against Fox’s Empire television series.

Two years later, 50 is claiming his Starz drama Power won the war against Empire, so it appears he’s turned his attention to his new variety show 50 Central on BET.

The New York native wrote on Instagram:

Gabrielle Union, star BET’s Being Mary Jane, responded to 50’s message:

50 then replied to Union:

The G-Unit leader then posted the entire exchange as a photo on IG, adding in the caption:

50 also took a shot at Irv Gotti’s BET Hip Hop anthology Tales:

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Raekwon “Wild Tour” Shows Hip-Hop Has No Boundaries

(AllHipHop Features) The face Hip-Hop has changed greatly since Raekwon’s introduction to the game about 25 years ago when he unsystematically moved through the place he once knew as home, the Park Hill Projects in Staten Island. We know the story pretty well now, through the storytelling The Chef and his comrades, The Wu-Tang Clan. Without a doubt, as a unified front, they are collectively revered as one the greatest Hip-Hop groups to have walked this earth. I would argue that while RZA is ten credited with pulling the best emcees in his range in order to orchestrate one the most powerful forces we’ve witnessed for over 2 decades, Raekwon has been the most successful at remaining connected to the Wu-Tang lineage, crafting a legacy while simultaneously continuing his own evolution.

The Wild Tour recently made its way its way to the Masquerade in Atlanta filling the once popular, but now desolate Underground with fans excited to see Rae perform. Hosted by the boisterous Fort Knox who kept the energy levels up all night teamed by the Hip-Hop accuracy DJ Kerosene, the two served as a well-balanced team. Homage was paid to those who have passed on including Mama Niecy (mother Killer Mike), Mel Carter (Manager and Wu-Tang family), Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Fresh Kid Ice (2 Live Crew). Offering a multi-layered line-up, this was not a show where all the opening artists sound the same. There was a variety in artistic delivery, age, gender and sound. On the flip side, too many acts grew the crowd tiresome.

The opener Javar Rockamore, intrigued with a full band and topped it f with singer McKenzie Lawson, dropping catchy vocals on “Girlfriend” in fishnets and thigh high boots. Dope Knife fered some unexpected Eminem-type twists in his rhymes that painted a creative performance. Devin Malek, was a young rapper from East Atlanta reminiscent a young Snoop Dogg, who was incoherent in his final delivery. The Notorious L.A.D. (Wu-Tang family/Gansta Grillz) entered the stage to OutKast’s “Return the G” and moved with the confidence the Wu-Tang bloodline running through his veins as he traveled down memory lane.

The Goddess Sa-Roc played no games in her lyrical warfare as she gracefully embodied what it means to bring feminine energy to the mic with confidence and intelligence. She’s a grown woman adorned with bamboo earrings like a real one from around the way, beaded African bangles like Queen Nzinga and doesn’t have to compete with anyone in the room. Add to the equation that she can freestyle over any Biggie’s dopest beats and the bar has been set pretty high that you can’t touch her magic.

He’s been called Raekwon the Chef, Shallah Raekwon and Lex Diamond. At 47 he’s known to most close to him as Rae. In a time where our generation is losing our greats before we can acknowledge them as legends, his position is a special one. He’s alive. Still spittin’. Still nice, better yet-nicer as he’s evolved yet again. He’s still the flyest the Wu-Tang Clan. As we approach the 22nd anniversary Only Built for Cuban Linx better known as the Purple Tape, the living legend is enjoying the fruits his labor.

When he hit the stage he wasted no time in making two things clear: the show was dedicated to Prodigy and he was happy to be on Atlanta soil. There’s a long history with Raekwon in the city, which is why the night is very special. It’s home away from home. There’s love in the room from his baby sister at the front the stage and her crew. He’s surrounded by family, friends and loved ones. He’s rocked with OutKast on “Skew it on the bar-b” way before we saw really saw Northern and Southern rappers have this type chemistry.

Performing “Marvin”, “I am Nothing” and “Crown Thornes” and “This is What It Comes Too” f the album The Wild his latest work proves that he’s kept his knives sharpened. With his artist P.U.R.E., a Virginia native who he has seemed to find a kindred spirit with, Raekwon is truly one who lives by the code. He believes in family, loyalty and developing those who are hungry enough to want it for themselves. It was equally a special night for P.U.R.E. who is featured on “M&N” on The Wild, because it is his first time being on tour. You can see the excitement in Raekwon’s eyes as he speaks on the talent his ICE H2O Record label’s artist who has a powerful song “War Time”, that samples a portion a popular interview done by Tupac Shakur while incarcerated in Clinton Correctional Facility.

After running through his arsenal solo and Wu-Tang joints and doing a set Mobb Deep classics including “Eye for an Eye”, “Shook Ones Part II”, “Quiet Storm”, “Keep it Thoro” and “The Life is Mine”, he closed with some jewels:

“This is my message to the new ni–as”:

• Believe in yourself.
• Stay dreamin’: You can get what the f—k you wanna get.
• Don’t front on the ni–as that came before you. You won’t get no good luck after that.
• Love your family through thick and thin. Love ‘em.
• Be a giver. Give to those that want to work for it.
• Be a real mutha—– too. Be a real one. Don’t be a sucka. Don’t get all Hollywood when you got one fu—- record. And got a lil’ piece jewelry on and change your whole attitude. We can see that.
• Respect the culture man. Criticism is a mutha—–, but you know what? You gotta accept it…but don’t let ni—- stop you from doin’ what you need to do.
• Be a winner. Be a mutha—-in winner. You’re a winner. All ya’ll are winners to me. We here. We alive. We well. We partyin’.

The Wild Tour runs through September 26th and ends in San Antonio, Texas. Check www.raekwondachef for local dates.

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Maxine Waters, Issa Rae, SZA & More Shine At 2017 Black Girls Rock Awards

The 2017 Black Girls Rock Awards, normally styled as Black Girls Rock!,  was another star-studded time for the annual event. This year, beloved Democratic Party Congresswoman Maxine Waters took the stage and rocked the house with a rousing speech, and she was joined at the ceremony with the likes Issa Rae, Solange Knowles, and more.

Auntie Maxine, as she’s affectionately called, clearly had the pulse the evening this past Saturday (Aug. 5) at t/he New Jersey Performing Art Center in Newark, New Jersey. The longtime California politician delighted the crowd as she accepted the “Social Humanitarian” award with her speech. But it was Waters’ knowing wink to the crowd when she referenced the “reclaiming my time” quip that went viral on social media that gained strong applause.

“I want you to know if it was not for the love and respect shown to me by black women, those right-wing ultra conservative, they would have me believe I’m too black, I’m too confrontational, I’m too tough, and I’m too disrespectful them,” Waters said. “But now I know I’m simply a strong, black woman.”

Waters also said that she loves her nickname that social media has bestowed her with.

Other highlights the ceremony included podium visits and the like from Insecure‘s Issa Rae, veteran singer and songwriter Roberta Flack, Solange Knowles and several other stars were in attendance and dazzled on the red carpet. Photos from the event can be found on the following pages.

The Black Girls Rock Awards were created by DJ and former model, Beverly Bond. This year’s ceremony was hosted by actress Taraji P. Henson.

Maxine Waters, Issa Rae, SZA & More Shine At 2017 Black Girls Rock Awards

Maxine Waters, Issa Rae, SZA & More Shine At 2017 Black Girls Rock Awards